• High-quality logistics properties
    Business premises, distribution and logistics centers. We develop high-quality logistics properties.
  • From concept to completion
    Construction and development. We deliver future-proof, logistics square meters with an eye for requirements of the end users and surroundings.
  • Fast, with return
    Short lines, quick turnaround. We find solutions and develop new logistics business areas, large and small, with the highest efficiency.
  • Fascinated by buildings
    More than 100 years of experience. Our history goes way back; we built as a child and now we build to last.

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With you, we will realize your specific needs.

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We have the courage to go a step further and find solutions.


We have experience with all kinds of logistics areas.


We love to puzzle on your logistical issues.


Borghese Logistics/AEW lets out 5,000 m² in Amsterdam Westpoort to Beentjes Veldhuizen Transport Groep

Borghese Logistics and AEW have leased approx. 5,000 m² of company space at the Kaapstadweg 36C in Amsterdam for a long-term period to Beentjes Veldhuizen Transport Groep. Beentjes Veldhuizen Transport...
Date:December 17, 2019
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Borghese Logistics/AEW lets out distribution centre in the Amsterdam port

In collaboration with AEW, Borghese Logistics leased out approx. 5,000 m² company space and 120 m² office space at the Kaapstadweg 36D in Amsterdam for a long-term period to SternFacilitair...
Date:December 06, 2019
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Borghese for the fourth time in the Top 3 Largest Real Estate Developers in the Netherlands

Borghese and COD have again been voted by PropertyNL as one of the three largest Real Estate Developers in the Netherlands. The election was made on the basis of the...
Date:November 27, 2019
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Logistics under a magnifying glass

The logistics world is more exciting than ever. The shift from offline retail to e-commerce brings a lot of great developments, according to the journal “Online Retailer”. Rutger-Jan van Broekhoven...
Date:July 05, 2019
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According to the Architect

  • We have positive experiences on working with Borghese Logistics. They know how logistics should be developed, and they give us the right information to make a good an attractive logistics building design allowed. Precisely their knowledge of internal logistics, knowledge of fire safety, knowledge of various security levels for international players in the market is a plus. This knowledge is necessary to make well functional and working buildings. Fitting the logistic demands of the client.
    Michel Richter, Director Mies Architectuur

Facing the future with confidence

  • We operate from our core values. And so we make project development a positive experience. We are an open company. And strive to deliver qualitative buildings in a reliable and flexible manner. And with our strong and experienced team we want to develop from our fascination with real estate, projects that are future proof.
    Winno Pleijsier, Partner Borghese Logistics