Date:July 05, 2019

Logistics under a magnifying glass

The logistics world is more exciting than ever. The shift from offline retail to e-commerce brings a lot of great developments, according to the journal “Online Retailer”. Rutger-Jan van Broekhoven from Borghese Logistics arrived at a round table session. He discussed developments and challenges in the logistics sector with a number of logistics experts.

Topics such as e-commerce as part of the overall business model and the perfect layout of the warehouse were topics that were discussed during the round table session. The speed with which products can be delivered to the customer was also discussed. Just like the development of food pick-up points, the delivery of packages at home or in the parcel shop. In addition, different needs apply to the online consumer in every industry and country.

The Netherlands has grown exceptionally as a logistics hotspot in recent years. Partly because we have a perfect infrastructure with Rotterdam, Schiphol Amsterdam and a good connection to Europe. But what does it mean to increase the number of logistical square meters for the Dutch real estate market? You can read it all in the 33 edition of “Online Retailer”. For an online version, click here.